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  • Do I need to be approved in order to be buried?
    Yes, Please download our Pre Registration Application and mail it along with a copy of your Honorable Discharge and a copy of your marriage record, if your spouse will also be buried with us. Please mail to NNJVMC P O Box 82 Sparta NJ 07871
  • Can I pre-pay for my plot and opening closing costs?
    Yes you can pre-pay your plot/plots. However, opening/closing and installation of goverment maker expenses would be paid the time of each interment. You will need to be approved first.
  • Is an urn required for cremains burials?
    An urn is required and may be purchased from your funeral home.
  • Do full burials require a vault?
    Vaults are required and may be purchased from your funeral home.
  • Can I choose my plot?
    Sorry, No, the next available plot is assigned at the time of burial.
  • How do I make arrangements for burial?
    At the time of need, contact your funeral home. We will coordinate with your funeral home.
  • Why do I have to pay to be buried at the NNJVMC?
    We are a privately owned and run veterans' cemetery. We are not funded by county, state or federal government
  • How much does it cost to be buried?
    Please see details about the cemetary here
  • How do I arrange for military honors?
    Military honors are arranged by the funeral home.
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