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“Very good condition and well taken care of.”

– Cyrus Segura
Gave ★★★★★ on Google, Oct 31, 2018

“The veterans deserve the best... Thank you all for your service!!”

– Danny V. on August 14, 2018 gave ★★★★★ on Google

“Thank you for your courtesies yesterday when we arrived very early. The entire cemetery has been set up very tastefully, and is a credit to all those who dreamed of, designed, constructed and maintained this memorial to those who served in the military. Kudos to you and everyone connected to the NNJV Cemetery!”

Edward and Barbara D.

“This entity is operated and underwritten by a most caring group of people. My wife and I committed her sister to this facility yesterday. Everyone was most gracious and caring and welcoming to the relatives of a Viet Nam Veteran and activist. It is good to see people do this kind of work from time to time but to do it on an everyday basis is astounding. Thank you John and LisaAnn and all the vets there who honored and received our sister.”

– Tom Hurley who gave ★★★★★ on Google

“It's very comforting to see my husband at peace in a place so cared for and well tended. Thank you, Lisa.”

– Kate Perry, Florida

“Recently, we laid my father-in-law, Casper LaRusso, to rest at the Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery. At this point in time, the cemetery has only been operating for a little over a year, but that's not to say that it's doing so without an incredible amount of heart. My husband and I began working with Lisa from NNJVMC when my father-in-law first passed. To say that we were met with compassion would be an understatement. It's clear Lisa not only knows what she's doing, but also that she has a deep-rooted passion for this cause. My father-in-law's passing was sudden and unexpected, so my husband and I felt a bit ill-prepared when it came to handling arrangements. Thankfully, Lisa made it incredibly easy for us by letting us know exactly what she'd need from us and when she'd need it by. She also communicated with other parties to help is in making arrangements for Casper's memorial service. Having a live bugler performance was a lovely surprise that was so very meaningful to the entire family and our circle of friends. We also elected to have the gun salute at the service and had a chaplain recite a few prayers. The ceremony was everything we'd hoped it would be, and even though it was a cold, windy day in March, we were surrounded by warmth. I believe it's because we were able to honor Casper's life in such a meaningful way, thanks to NNJVMC. The fact that this cemetery, which is as of now receiving no state or federal funding, is able to do what it does in its infancy is incredible. We are immensely grateful for all Lisa did to make the ceremony happen. The fact that Casper is resting among other dedicated veterans is so meaningful to us, as is the knowledge that we can visit him anytime right here in Sussex County. It is our greatest hope that NNJVMC gains access to the resources it needs, as this beautiful resting spot is a necessity for our veterans and our community.”

– Jessica L., Wantage, NJ

“Thank you so much for helping us fulfill the final wishes of my Father. Although the weather did not make things easy, the honor, discipline and reverence shown by the Honor Guard was nothing short of breathtaking. I shall never forget the moment I was handed his Flag. God Bless you and God Bless America.”

Jack Sebzda, Lafayette, NJ

“Lisa: I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. The care and compassion with which you’ve handled everything has been outstanding. I know my Dad would be proud to be resting among other vets. His service meant everything to him.”

Pat O'Keefe, Sparta, NJ

“Just as the Bible says Jesus wept at the death of his friend Lazarus, Jesus and the friends and family of Marcell (Junior) Montalbano again wept as we watched the burial ceremony of our longtime friend Marcell (Junior) Montalbano in the new NNJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery. What an eloquent and wonderful ceremony, from the playing of Taps to the Honor Guards folding the American Flag draped on Marcell's coffin and presenting it to his widow. Thank you, Lisaann Permunian, cemetery administrator, for the great job and service you are doing and for taking care of our veterans in this cemetery with such dignity, honor, and respect. Most of all, thank you, John Harrington, for your vision, your commitment, and your service in bringing this veterans' cemetery here in Northern New Jersey to fruition! We thank you for your service to our country and your services to our veterans. Thank you, John Harrigan, for having that great vision for that cemetery and the commitment to seeing the construction to fruition. It is a beautiful place for the final resting of Junior's earthly body. But do not weep, for Junior is not there. “One short sleep past, we wake eternally, and death shall be no more...””

– Jessi P., Vernon, NJ

“Thank you Lisa, truly from the bottom of my heart. Finding a "home" for my dad has been quite a journey over the past 11 years. The NNJVMC is perfect!! I’m so happy and honored to have him there. You have made this process so easy for me and always had an answer no matter how many questions I bugged you with. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to seeing the cemetery evolve into the vision it was intended to be.”

– K.K., Branchville, NJ

“Thank you so much for yesterday's ceremony. It was so very memorable and meaningful to all of us. The Marines left before I had a chance to thank them, so if you are able to contact them or provide me a contact for them, I would love to be able to say thank you and thank them for their service - to us yesterday and to their country.

I would also like to thank John for all he has done and is doing for the Veterans. I did thank him yesterday, but he deserves so much credit for all he is doing as well as you and all the others who are supporting the Veterans and who have made this cemetery possible.

When my husband died, the only Veteran cemeteries were in Goshen, NY and South New Jersey, so this is truly a blessing for us.”

– K.P.S., Newton, NJ

“I just wanted you to know you were a blessing, helping me with putting my husband to rest. There were many calls back & forth. Thank you for your kindness and patience.”

– D.E., Hamburg, NJ

“Heartfelt Thanks to John & Lisa for the most touching and beautiful burial ceremony you both arranged for my husband. You have given my family and I such a comforting memory. Thank you so very much.”

– D.H., Sparta, NJ